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  • HDMI Extender (up to 150 feet)

    HDMI Extender (up to 150 feet)

    Extends and boosts your HDMI signal up to 150 feet without the use of any outside power source. For use with PC's, DVD's, Projectors, HDTV's, HD Optical Media Players, etc...Easy to use. It is true Plug & Play. Self powered directly from HDMI sources...

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    USB 2.0 Serial Adapter DB9

    USB 2.0 Serial Adapter DB9

    E07-160 enables a serial device to be connected to a computer through the USB port. Great for PDAs, cell phone, digital cameras, and modems over 500 Kbps data transfer rate. True Plug & Play, No additional power needed, light weight, No Interrupt...

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